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Male Pupil With Teacher Playing Piano In Music Lesson

Why you should learn the play the piano, today!

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Male Pupil With Teacher Playing Piano In Music Lesson

Are you thinking starting piano lessons? Great idea! 

Playing the piano is a great idea for the young and young-hearted.  It is an excellent choice to start your musical journey.  It is a also a great complimentary instrument for those who already have some experience in traditional school-band instruments such as clarinet, flute, drums, and trumpet; guitar players; and vocalists. 

If you are a songwriter, learning to play is a versatile skill that will help you with any kind of music creation.  There is no need to learn finger placements as you would with the guitar, and you can easily use your ear to match the sound you created in your head. 

What makes playing the piano so enjoyable?

I started playing in my early teens, but I had fumbled around on the keyboard for years.  There is an immense amount of pleasure that comes from learning to play a piece.  It encouraged me to become a better musician. 

What skills do they provide?

One of the hardest things about playing the piano is that it requires the use of both hands that are played at the same time.  To manage this, pianists develop a unique brain capacity that requires both hands to be active to master their instrument.  .  It helps to increase your overall skill.  Mary Cook a math PhD graduated with dual degrees in mathematics and music.  It helps with pitch.  A vocal student, especially one who is auditioning, needs to land pitches perfectly.  An electric keyboard is always tuned and is a great way to prepare for auditions.

Ready to get started?

The best way to learn to play the piano is to take private music lessons such as the ones offered at Louise Catherine Music Studio.  There are some other alternatives that work as well.  Group lessons are great for younger kids who feed off the energy of each other.  Apps are a great way to get started with little to no money involved.  Whichever path you choose to pursue, I welcome you to this exclusive club.