Studio Policies 

Effective May 1, 2019.  

My responsibilities 

I will teach students the fundamentals of music.  I teach piano, voice, and songwriting lessons under the mission of Louise Catherine Music Studio. to provide music education that is individualized per students.  Classes are offered all year round.  I provide private lessons, one-on-one. Monthly tuition lessons are designed around Cobb County, GA school year.  

Student responsibilities

Develop a schedule for practice time.  Develop a strategy to ensure lesson times are protected. 


We value our customers, but we do not offer refunds for lessons that have already been used. Sometimes students aren’t sure they’ll like the instructor or the studio environment. In that case, we recommend purchasing one lesson as a trial. 

Discontinuing of lessons

Should you decide to discontinue our services, we offer full refunds on lessons that have not been used. Simply send us an email telling us you no longer need our services, and we will refund any unused lessons within 7 days of receipt of the request.  

Dismissal policy

While we hope that the relationship between student/teacher/studio lasts a lifetime, there are times when the connection just isn’t there. We will do our best to overcome any challenges that may occur during a music lesson; however, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement and request the dismal of students from the studio. A student will be immediately terminated if they become violent or are disrespectful towards the teacher. Likewise, excesses absences or last-minute cancellations can result in the cancellation of the contract. Students dismissed from the studio will be refunded any remaining paid lessons.

Termination of lessons

 I reserve the right to terminate the contract and agreement between the student/parent and myself (Dr. Steward). Like any parent or nurturer, I don’t anticipate issues, but anything can happen. Common reasons for termination (but not limited to) are disrespectful behavior or language towards the instructor, threatening behavior, and inappropriate behavior. If the contract is terminated between the student/ parents and the music teacher, Dr. Steward, I will refund any unused lessons.

Cancellation of lessons

Students and/or parents will be provided access to an online platform in which they can schedule their lessons.  Lessons can be rescheduled with 24 hour notification.  The system will not allow you to schedule or reschedule any lesson after the 24 hour threshold has passed.  As long as you reschedule within 24-hours, you have unlimited rescheduling abilities.  Those on monthly plans will be rolled over for one month and lesson must be scheduled by the end of the next month.  

If you need to cancel an appointment after 24 hours has passed, please contact me at or 470-358-1561 ASAP.  Email is preferred if you are contacting me if it very early or very late in the evening.  Same day cancellations MUST be done via text or phone call.  

I do understand that last-minute cancellations do occur (sickness, traffic, work conflicts) and do allow 3 no cancellation penalties per year.  This year begins 365 days after you agree to the policy.  The fourth and subsequent cancellations will result in the forfeiture of the lesson.  

As long as the above are met, you may schedule a makeup lesson through the same system. 


Payment of lessons are due prior to the scheduled lesson.  I accept PayPal or Zelle.  All payments must be received before the next scheduled appointment.  Payments or accounts not paid in full 24 hours before the scheduled lesson will be cancelled.  This will count as a last-minute cancellation. 

  • Monthly payment are due on the date selected by the parent.  
  • Payment for packaged lesson are due prior to the lesson.  

Timing of lessons

Students are booking the time for their lesson and are expected to be on time. While I understand late arrivals can sometimes not be helped, I cannot guarantee I will be able to fit the entire 30 or 60 minutes lesson due to scheduling conflicts.  Time that is missed will be forfeited.  If I am late, I will ensure that the time you had reserved will be given in full during the same lesson or at a future lesson.  

Preparation for lessons

Students will be provided all material for lessons. 


Individual that maybe present during lessons (in-home or online) should be restricted to avoid distractions. 

Music books, sheet music, music downloads 

Parents/Students are responsible for acquiring books, sheet music, or music downloads when requested, or for paying for invoiced purchases made by the teacher on behalf of the student promptly. 

Feel free to reach out to for additional information information. 

Please note, by signing up for music lessons, you agree to the information outlined above. Please be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for other important information.