Songwriting lessons

Have you ever thought about writing your very own song?  What makes a song a hit song? A song that either you will sing, or one for an artist to perform? How about taking songwriting lessons? 

Songwriting is a great way to start your musical career, especially those who don’t have a strong music background.  If you do play an instrument, why not enhance your musical performance by playing a song you wrote?

Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

My style of songwriting is easy, to help get you started right away on day one. Like Julie Andrews said or rather sang in The Sound of Music’s, Do Re Mi,” Let’s start at the very beginning.” 

I’ll teach you how to understand chord progressions and the sounds used in today’s popular music.  You’ll also learn to write lyrics focusing on writing lyrics that area designed for a singer.  

You’ll also learn how to showcase your talents by developing a great melody and writing inspiring lyrics. I can teach students of all ages and levels in the music genre of their choice: pop, country, rock, jazz, etc.

Songwriting comes down to two things: Music and Lyrics.  We will work on both. For the lyrics, you only need a pen and paper. For music, you will need something to play the notes on. If you don’t play a musical instrument, I recommend apps that have an electric piano. 

If you are already songwriting, I’ll provide songwriting tips to enhance your music.  We will work through new music theory specific to creating songs. If you already have a chord progression that you like, I’ll help you get started writing a great song. 

Lessons are private songwriting lessons.  You will find the costs for piano lessons in all cities I serve (Smyrna, Dallas, Marietta, Roswell, Kennesaw, and online) are competitive and affordable.  

  • In-home (In your home)
  • Online (Check out the online lessons page for more information) 


I am fully vaccinated.  If you prefer I wear a mask during lessons, I would be happy to wear a mask.  If you or your child tests positive for COVID, I ask that you either postpone lessons (your purchase is good for one year after purchase), or switch to online lessons.  Any lessons conducted online will receive a reimbursement for differences in costs. 

In-home (student’s home) rates 

I provide in-home private classes in Smyrna, Dallas, Marietta, Kennesaw, Roswell, and metro Atlanta, Georgia.  While I will try my best to fit every student who is interested in taking lessons, as the solo music teacher for the studio, my availability may be limited in your area.  My prime area of teaching is Smyrna, GA.  

Travel fee

In-home (student’s home) travel is included for the first 10 miles (round-trip).  I charge $0.5 per mileage (round-trip).  The zip code I travel from is Smyrna GA 30080. 

All lessons include:

  • Easy online schedule, including options to reschedule at a time that is convenient for you
  • Flexible schedules, 7 days a week, morning, afternoon, and evening options
  • Online payments
  • Affordable, competitive prices
  • No registration fee
  • Free resources: Articles, blogs, and newsletters  

Get a complimentary online piano, voice, or songwriting lesson today.

    In Person Lessons are 25 minutes

    Purchase more for a discount. 

    1 lesson

    $ 30
    • Good for 1 year after purchase

    5 Lessons

    $ 135
    • Good for 1 year after purchase

    10 Lessons

    $ 240
    • Good for 1 year after purchase