Reflections as a pianist

Reflections as a pianist describe the transition from childhood, through college, and how it reflects who I am today.

Starting as a pianist

I begin taking piano lessons when I was about 13 years old. I already had two years of band and had learned the basic principles of music theory. I played the clarinet and taught myself to play the flute; but, I had wanted to play the piano for years. When I was 9, my mom purchased a baby grand Yamaha piano. It is still at my parents house and play it every time I am home.

Besides memorabilia and photos, I did not keep much from my childhood, except all my piano books. When I open my books and read my teacher’s notes I am taken back. Back to a time that was sometimes challenging but most oftentimes was joyful.


My mother’s comments

My mom describes how she knew I was home from school because the first thing I would do is sit down at the piano. I found playing the piano provided a way of expressing myself. If I was sad, I loved playing melancholy songs. If I felt uplifting, I would play a faster song.

The college years

My college studies took me away from my precious piano. I eventually got an electric piano and then finally a spinet. I have purchased a new electric piano to use for online lessons and performances

Final Reflections as a Pianist

Today, when I practice, I have to set myself a timer because I can play for hours. I have a stack of technique books and music that I go through. Songs still challenge me and I accept those challenges.

Hope for all students

My hope in writing, “Reflections as a pianist,” is to instill the love of this grand musical instrument to my students. I hope that when a student sits down to the piano they are also taken away to a place that allows them to positively express their struggles, hopes, and dreams.

I look forward to providing students the keys to unlocking excellence in music.

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