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Reflections in Music History Podcast: Introduction to the Podcast

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Reflections in Music History Podcast: Introduction to the podcast. 

Sharing key events in music history and providing reflections on how it can positively affect our lives.

Hi.  I’m Jocelyn Steward.  I am a musician and educator living in Smyrna, GA just outside of Atlanta.  I am the owner of Louise Catherine Music Studio where I provide piano, vocal, and songwriting lessons online, in-home, and in-studio. 

I like history and I love music.  I have always enjoyed listening to historical podcasts and thought that a podcast that shared key events in music history would be enjoyable to share with others.  Beyond sharing events, I wanted to create a podcast that provided information on events in music history and also shared some reflections on how we can use it to positively affect our lives.

As an educator, I do a tremendous amount of mentoring.  I find that there are opportunities to connect music to anyone who needs a little motivation to get through some of life’s challenges.

The podcasts are brief and I hope you come away with a different perspective on life, you feel uplifted, and hopeful. 

I look forward to sharing Reflections in Music History with you. 

Join me for my first podcast, July 5th where I talk about the day Elvis Presley recorded his first professional song, “That’s alright mama.”

Thanks for listening to Reflections in Music History.  If you like show and want to know more check out my web @  I would greatly appreciate a review on whatever platform you listen to the show.

I am from the Louise Catherine Music Studio.  Helping students to unlock the keys to excellence in music.  

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  1. Lola

    A great podcast, thanks for posting 🙂

    1. Jocelyn S

      Thank you Lola. I appreciate the feedback. I really like history and music!

  2. Alex Frank

    Jocelyn Steward encyclopedia of music history and one of best music instructor I ever met.

    1. Jocelyn S

      That is very kind of you. I’m glad to be able to share and help others.

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