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Voice and singing lessons

Do you sing in the shower? Or pretend you’re onstage in front of your bedroom mirror? American Idol, The Voice, and even America’s Got Talent–all feature talented singers. There’s a lot more to singing, though, than belting out lyrics on stage. At Louise Catherine Music Studio, your vocal coach will help you reach your full potential.

You’ll learn vocal techniques that help to improve and maintain a healthy vocal range. You will also learn how to read music. I’ll show you the keys to keeping your singing voice strong and exercises to practice daily.

I can teach students of all ages and levels in the music genre of their choice: pop, country, rock, jazz, etc. I’ve developed a comprehensive music education program that includes breathing techniques and maintaining vocal health. 

Options for voice lessons and singing lessons

You have three options for learning piano/keyboard with me:

  • In-home: Student’s home (See below for rates) 
  • In-studio:  In-studio is offered in teacher’s home (Starting in September, 2019) – Located in Smyrna, GA (See below for rates)
  • Online (Check out the online lessons page for rates)
Sample vocal performance – Quella Fiamma performed by Jocelyn Steward

What can you expect during the lessons?  

I develop an individualized plan to meet the goals of each student.  Lessons are designed so that students are provided

  • Music Theory. All students need to know music theory.  You will learn basic music theory and/or add onto your existing music theory. 
  • Breathing exercises. Singing requires vocalist to breath in a manner that helps to improve projection, tone, and the length of singing.  
  • Warm-up exercise.  Humming, lip trills, and vowel singing are a sample of warm-up exercises we will use to make sure your vocal cords stay protected and you are ready to begin work. 
  • Range exercises.  Great singers, as you will become, work on extending their range.  Whether you are a soprano or a tenor, we will work on getting you to sing all the notes in your range – and then some. 
  • Technique exercises.  The voice is a delete instrument that needs specific techniques.  We will work on items such as posture, rounding the mouth, and focused tone. 
  • Vocal-training specific information.  Every student should know details about their instrument.  Vocals are an instrument.  I make sure we discuss items such as voicing, vibrato, falsetto, and runs. 
  • Student specific goals.  Prior to our first lesson, I will request specific information about your goals in vocal training.  This will then be used to develop student-specific goals so I can tailor our time together to meet your needs. 
  • Opportunity to SING Vocal students need to sing and we will spend the majority of our time singing. 
  • Homework.  Students need details to know what to practice when they are not with me. 

All students will receive an electronic folder (Google drive) that includes the above information.  I will also include hyperlinks to documents, websites, videos, and other material I feel can enhance the students’ singing.  As needed, I will create specific audio for students to learn better techniques. 

There are many benefits to taking singing lessons.  For adults and children, it can ease stress and provide a positive creative outlet.

In-home (student’s home) and In-studio (located in Smyrna, GA)

I provide in-home and in-studio lessons in Smyrna, Dallas, Marietta, Kennesaw, Roswell, and metro Atlanta, Georgia.  While I will try my best to fit every student who is interested in taking lessons, as the solo teacher for the studio, my availability may be limited in your area.  My prime area of teaching is Smyrna, GA.   

In-home (student’s home) travel fee, I charge $0.58 per mileage (round-trip) with the first 5 miles included.  The zip code I travel from is Smyrna GA 30080.  

All lessons include:

  • One, FREE introductory vocal lesson (one per student/lifetime)  
  • Easy online schedule, including options to reschedule at a time that is convenient for you
  • Flexible schedules, 7 days a week, morning, afternoon, and evening options
  • Online payments
  • Affordable, competitive prices 
  • No registration fee
  • One Free 30-minute lesson the month of your birthday
  • Free resources: Blogs, videos, and newsletters 

Monthly subscription plans: 

  • Payments occur on the first of the month.  Lessons starting after the first will be pro-rated. 
  • 44 lessons per year billed monthly over 12 month
  • Holidays and breaks already built-in (8 weeks) 
  • 5% discount on single, lesson pricing

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