You are currently viewing 6 great vinyl record players reviewed to start, or restart, your listening experience

6 great vinyl record players reviewed to start, or restart, your listening experience

My dad has a TON of vinyl records including the Beatles and a soundtrack of the Wizard of Oz. The records have been in my parent’s storage room for years. I have actually never gotten a chance to listen to them, because the record player was broken. In fact that broken player is still in the house.

I purchased him a record player before, but he still never used it. Don’t ask me why!

With the increased in the selling of vinyl, there is a renewed interest in record players. I purchased a set of vinyls at a flea market and look forward to purchasing a record player of my own and listening to them.

Here are 6 great vinyl record players to choose that I’m considering buying.

#1: HOFEINZ Vintage Style Natural Wood Belt Driven Record Player with 3 Speed Built in Stereo Speakers, Bluetooth and Vinyl-to-MP3 Recording

This one looks like a traditional record player. I like the brown color, which would fit nicely with my home decor. It is made with furniture grade solid wood and has 3 speeds. It has the ability to convert your vinyl into MP3 for that authentic sound.

#2: LuguLake Vinyl Record Player, Turntable with Stereo 3-Speed, Record Player, and RCA Output, Vintage Phonograph with Retro Wooden Finish

This one is similar to #1 but at half the price. This has a very similar look and 3-speed as well. The price difference is because it does not have the ability to convert into a MP3. Great for those who just want something to listen to their vinyls. I can see this fitting nicely in an office.

#3: Victrola Nostalgic Classic Wood 6-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable Entertainment Center, Mahogany

This 6-1 Entertainment Center has everything you need including 3-speed turntable, Bluetooth, CD, cassette (yes I still have some cassettes), and FM Radio. Includes the ability to connect your non-blue tooth device (such as the older Ipods).

It’s versatile and comes in a variety of colors including granite, espresso, mahogany, oatmeal, and grey. This doesn’t include a Mp3 converter. But with other 2,286 ratings I’m sure it will please many people.

Don’t forget that Amazon has PRIME MUSIC the only music streaming service with FREE two-day shipping. You can also upgrade to more options including HD. I have an upgraded plan that I can use across multiple devices.

I use my Echo Show in the kitchen, which is adjacent to where the piano is when I’m practicing songs and/or cooking.

#4: DIGITNOW Vintage Turntable,3 Speed Vinyl Record Player-Suitcase/Briefcase Style 

This one is suitcase/briefcase style vinyl record player with a built-in stereo and supports connection with a phone. It comes in a powder-blue color, very cute for a splash of something interesting in your room. Great record player to start with.

#5: Crosley RSD3 Mini Turntable with Four Sun Record Company 3″ Vinyl Records, Clear Dust Cover and Built-in Speaker

This record player is great for on the go. It is powered through a USB port or 4AA batteries. If It is a mini player so it can travel well and has built-in speakers. Great to take over to a friend’s house for a listen to some old or new records.

It comes with 4 Sun Record Company 3″ Vinyl Records: Johnny Cash (Cry, Cry, Cry), Roy Orbison (Devil Doll), Jerry Lee Lewis (Great Balls of Fire) and Carl Perkins (Honey Don’t). These oldies but goodies will transform you back to the time when records were the rage

#6: Boytone BT-28SBS, Bluetooth Classic Style Record Player Turntable

This one is a great buy that combines a variety of products into one. Am/FM Radio, Cassette Player, Cd Player, 2 Separate Stereo Speakers, Record Vinyl, Radio, Cassette to MP3, SD Slot, USB, Aux, and BlueTooth.

It also converts your music into MP3 files. Although big in size, it is for the one person that needs it all one.

There you have 6 different options, styles, specifications to fit your needs and your budget. I look forward to purchasing one myself and enjoying the vinyls I have the ones I hope to get my dad to pull out and listen to.