Music Questions I’ve answered on Quora. Part 1

Music Questions I’ve answered on Quora. Part 1

Quora is an online question and answer (Q & A) platform. It allows people to seek answers from others in their community. Here are the questions and answers I’ve provided on Quora. Perhaps you will find an answer to your Q & A.

If you had to give a music lesson in 30 minutes, what would you go over?

It depends on the level of student taking lessons and the instrument.

But, for the most part, teaching music theory and technique are vital for any lesson. Adequate time should be dedicated to playing music a student will enjoy. You probably shouldn’t spend less than 10 (preferably 15 minutes) on playing.

While music theory and technique are vital to improving any instrument, it isn’t the funnest things to learn.

Should parents require their kids to take music lessons?

I think the answer lies with why does a parent want their kid to take lessons? I wasn’t forced to take lessons but my parents supported my decision to take lessons. If was forced to do something I didn’t want to do, karate, then I would not be successful at it.

It is better to find something that your child enjoys doing and support them in those endeavors.

Can I start learning piano with Virtual Piano?

I think anything that can get you motivated to learn a new instrument is beneficial. What you may find is that you reach a point where you aren’t progressing and then you should seek a teacher.

What do you think I should learn to play on my piano/keyboard?

You should play what you enjoy listening to or what you want to learn. As a teacher, I try to figure out what music someone wants to learn and teach them that. If they want to learn classical music, then we learn classical pieces. Jazz, Pop, Blues, etc. – it is your choice. Learning a new instrument in challenging and if you are playing something you don’t like, practicing will be harder to do.

Do you wish you had learned the piano or some other instrument?

I actually wish I had learned to play the piano sooner. I started with the clarinet, then self-taught the flute, piano, vocals, and now the guitar.

The piano is the one instrument I practice consistently over the others.

Is the number of children and young people learning the piano, declining?

As music is a extracurricular activity, the volume of students goes up and down based on the availability of funds for extracurricular activity. I do not think it is declining. But, as the economy goes down, the availability of funds for piano lessons decreases and thus students decrease. Piano is an instrument that is loved by many and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

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