Time Heals Nothing Introduction – Original piece by Jocelyn L. Steward from the Louise Catherine Music Studio

Louise Catherine Music Studio

the keys to unlocking excellent in music

Music Studio offering in-home, in-studio, and online music lessons in Smyrna, Vinings, Austell, Sandy Springs, Mableton, Powder Springs, Dallas, Marietta, Roswell, Kennesaw, & Metro Atlanta, GA area.  Offering convenient and flexible class times.  Rates are competitive and affordable.  Instruction in piano, voice, & songwriting lessons.

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Louise Catherine Music Studio and Blue Sky Sound Recording are collaborating together to offer an exclusive opportunity to allow students the opportunity to professionally record their first song. 

Interested in learning more?  We are limiting it to 40 students and already have a list of 25 students that are interested. Submit now so you won’t miss out.

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August Special Package Discounts
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30 minutes
$ 90 5 lessons
60 minutes
$ 180 5 lessons


30 minutes
$ 67 5 lessons

Music studio offering lessons in piano, voice, and songwriting. 

Providing online, in-person and in-studio in Smyrna, GA; Dallas, GA; Marietta, GA; Roswell, GA; Kennesaw, GA; & Metro Atlanta (Atl) GAOffering convenient, flexible, and affordable piano, voice, & songwriting lessons at the music studio. 
The studio is open to all students who want to learn music.  Open to students of all ages and skill levels. 
Unlock the musician or singer, hidden inside of you! 
My mission is to provide a positive influence on students.  LCMS helps to nurture talent so students can reach their musical potential.
Dr. Jocelyn L. Steward has 30 years of musical training and 15 years of teaching.

Music Lessons Offered

Type of music lessons offered and location of offerings
Piano or keyboardYesYesYes
Voice, Vocal or SingingYesYesYes

What type of classes do you offer? 

I offer pianovoice, and songwriting lessons tailored to each students’ skill level. Musical genres covered include pop, classical, jazz, spiritual, R&B, and rock.
Developing a lifelong love of music is one of the keys to success. At the studio, I do this in part by creating an atmosphere of excitement and inspiration. You and I will work together to meet your goals so that you can enjoy music as much as we do.

How can I get started? 

Presently, I am currently accepting students. Lessons include piano and keyboard; voice and singing; and songwriting. Can’t make it to the studio, or live a little too far away–no problem! Additionally, we also offer music lessons online.  Most piano 
Let’s start today! Sign-up to start exploring the world of music arts. Let’s begin a wonderful new musical journey together.  Review the studio’s policies for important information. 
Like and follow the studio on your favorite social platform.  Finally, receive your complimentary lesson.
Dr. Jocelyn L. Steward

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What are the benefits of taking music lessons at a music studio? 

There are many benefits to private lessons, and we strive to create an atmosphere of excitement and inspiration by basing our sessions on the genre you enjoy. You will learn how to discover and grow the creativity within you. Together we will meet your goals so that you too can develop a lifelong love of music
  • Improves academic skills and boosts self-esteem.  Voice lessons increase self-esteem by learning important public performing skills. Songwriting involves understanding how music forms together to create a cohesive sound.  Pianist manage different musical staffs that boost analytical abilities. 

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benefits music lessons

Three of the most frequently asked questions students have about taking music lessons

I strive to provide the best information for my current and future students.  These are three of the most commonly asked questions students have. 

What is the best age to start your child with private classes?  

My first student was my nephew, who I started teaching at 3 years old.  Before that, we had lots of time together singing and making music with toys.  At 3, I do not think my nephew would have been old enough to take lessons from a non-relative.  

I personally believe that 6 years old is the earliest age one should start having their child taught by a professional teacher.  The reasoning is that by the time the child is 6, he/she has already attended pre-K and kindergarten and has developed the skills necessary to successfully interact with adults. 

I am an adult, will I be successful at learning something new? 

Absolutely. I am an adult and I am currently taking guitar lessons. It is never too early or late to learn how to play an instrument.  Students of all ages and abilities are welcome here. Whether you are a beginner or would like to pick up where you left, I can design a plan that best fits your goals. 

What is the average price for private lessons? 

The average price for private music lesson will vary tremendously depending on a many factors.  Unfortunately, because each studio is different, there isn’t a clear answer to this question.  Some factors to consider when evaluating the price of lessons include: 

  • Location – Urban areas (music lessons Atlanta, GA) will be at a higher rate that non-urban areas (Ludowici, GA)
  • Length of the lessons – 30 minutes vs 45 vs 60 minutes
  • Skill level of teacher – Teachers with teaching experience and advanced degrees charge more
  • Extra services – Registration fees, recital fees, book fees will add to the cost
  • In-person vs. Online – Online fees are typically cheaper than in-person fees
  • In-home vs. In-studio – Teachers that travel to your home will typically charge more to cover the transportation costs
If there any specific questions you may have, reach out to me, via form below, so that I may answer your questions. 

piano, keyboard, lessons
Private Piano and keyboard lessons
Private Voice and singing lessons
online music lessons
Private Online lessons
Private Songwriting lessons

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Read what people have to say!

  • Jocelyn was able to supply me with material I desperately needed. Jocelyn is very responsive and supportive.  During our lessons, she is able to determine problem areas to help me be successful

    Alexa B

    Piano Student
  • I used Dr. Steward to assist me in writing a song for my wedding anniversary.  She also helped me to prepare to sing. I wasn’t sure I could do it but she worked with me and my wife was pleasantly surprised. 

    James L

    Songwriting and vocal student
  • My daughter has enjoyed working with Ms. Jocelyn.  My daughter had begged me to take singing lessons and I just wasn’t sure she would enjoy it.  Ms. Jocelyn spends time developing a plan specific to your needs and I appreciate the extra attention. 

    Sophie M

    Vocal student
  • Top-notch Music Professional! The best decision I ever made was chose Jocelyn as my Instructor. She has worked closely with me to blossom my music passion – I couldn’t be more grateful!

    MfonAbasi I

    Piano student
  • Great place for those who love music they offered me timings of my choice and fee was afford able for me.  They offered me class timings of my choice. A place of musical values.

    Alex F

    Vocal student
  • It’s the best place to study in, they offer great online lessons too. The prices are very awesome, they are very flexible with the times for my needs and the people are very nice 🙂

    Yarin B

    Piano and Voice
  • This has been an exceptional experience. My son is taking lessons with Ms. Jocelyn and is loving it. He has really come a long way musically, but he is confident and excited about his lessons and also school. For any parent who is considering music lessons, give Jocelyn a call. If you aren’t musical, or you are shy or uncertain, give her a call. Music is such an important part of our lives and learning how to make music is a wonderful thing, but having a great teacher is invaluable!

    Leslie A

    Piano and Composition
  • She’s a very nice teacher, the prices are awesome, hours are very flexible and I can see that she is very professional. Recommended.  As an older student, I wasn’t sure if I was too old to take lessons.  She helped me to realize I’m not.  

    John L

    Vocal Student

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Schedule your free 30-minute online introductory music lesson (piano, singing, songwriting).  

Get a free lesson from the comfort of your home.  

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